Foto do artista Neja

Back 4 The Morning


It,s not a secret you,ll agree with me
Our parents bug us if we want to set us free
If I don,t get the highest grades at school
There is no way to do the things I wanna do
Tonight my mother told me „I will give you another chance‰
But I think you,d better come back before it gets too late‰
If you wanna dance, come on take this chance
Cause I wanna thrill to make it real
I,ll be back to you like you want me to
But don,t wait for me
I,ll be back for the morning
My mother,s home she waits for me awake
„look at the watch,girl, don,t you think that it,s too late
as long as you live in this house with me, yo gotta show me if you
have responsibility‰
this time she looks so angry, she won,t give me another chance
so I think I,d better come back before it gets too late...

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