Gimme the sun , you're the light of my life
We will never be apart
Gimme the sun , be the light of my life
Without you i'm in the dark

Everytime i'll wake up in the morning
I will raise my eyes up to the sky
Cause i wanna thank the one who wanted
You by my side
And i love you even when i'm sleeping
When my dreams are somewhere in the night
But i love you better when the dawning
Begins to shine
So i can't wait to see the light
Gimme the sun.............
Everytime i dance around your body
Spinning like the earth around the sun
I feel of my secret world my baby
You are the star
Just the thought of you gives me the power
Now i live my life with so much fun
With your love i bloom just like a flower under the sky
So i can't wait to see the light.....

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