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Flower power supergirl


You see it everyday in everyway on tv stations
It's just the way of the world
And every time you look around you get the revelation
It could be better for sure

You're not alone in your frustration
You're not the only one to be afraid
A walkin' icon of inspiration
The art of giving back in style again

´cause she's a flower power supergirl
Without a sound she can turn a man around
She's turning fighters into lovers
She's gonna give it all for you and for the world

Big boys with toys, follow the crown creating annihilation
As long as margins are fine
A little girl, sweet as a pearl, giving a big donation
No sense in walking the line

´cause she's the one with a dedication
Replacing violence with a violet
The one deserving a decoration
She's bound to wake you up in time to go

Black helmets, faceless robots
Frozen in a power pose
Protecting you and me from everyone around,
From ourselves

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