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Little Space


I am starting to feel a little stressed out
My brain and these thoughts need to get out
Why can't just get the antidote
I need to find a way to cope

Anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression
Let me loose from these chains I'm strapped in

I wish I could just back in time when this were just fine
Sippy cups, colorful band-aids
Pacifiers, kisses, and blankets
I wish I could just go back to that place
What's this? A thing called little space
Little space

Deep breath, close my eyes, take things slow
One, two, three, let's give this a go
Think of a happy time and place
I think I'm in little space!

I feel like I'm two. No!
Maybe three
In here I feel weirdly happy
I'm giggling and jump
Grab my stuffie, snuggle and lie down
Sippy cups, colorful band-aids
Pacifiers, kisses, and blankets

I can't believe, I went back to this place
Oh my gosh
I'm loving little space
Little space

Phone buzzed I jump back to reality
I immediately starts to feeling less happy
Gotta do my work and get good grades
But I'm feeling a little dazed

All the pressure everybody puts on me
"Be that perfect child" I try, trust me
I just wanna go at my own pace
I see you soon little space

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