A fallen angel - the eternal wonder
Who stood for himself against a godly power
And Eden shacked as he roared for vengeance
To the Liar and His gilded throne
Behold! The heavenly renegade
The one cast out from a false paradise
To be a devil in the eyes of men
And to rule supremily over Earth and Hell

...This all...
...A lost refugee...
...I have became...
...He, Who had broken my wings...
...He, Whom my hate shall consume...

...Of my past lives led me here...
...Throw shards and mists and ruined empires
To where pleasure whispers at the heart of darkness
And fallen angels dance with the spirits of the earth
Hiding their black paradise from the sight of a jealous God...

In years I´ve learned by wine and splendour
That to love and embrace is
To dwell beneath our beloved Mother (Chaos)

I walked lands hidden and sacred
Spoke with gods old and forgotten
I know where northern Chaos stands
-Descendants of bygone times-
They teached me how to live in joy
Spit on the cross and feast on mortals

Remember me as a hero
When I bring back your former glory

This place is the secret dream of every man
Where nymphs bathe in the most pure wine
And warriors share fame and fruit and gold
And hierophants, priests of old, master the ways of dark philosophy
To bring prosperity to the empire of sin
And to defeat a God, Who forbids this all

A fallen angel - the coldhearted avenger
Who stood for thousands of God´s enchained servants
And heaven mourned as it´s sons bled in pain
Under the sword of the mighty rebel
Godhate shall be both our shield and blade
To bring fall to the hypocrites serenade
The sacred scarlet flag which we shall erect
Above the throne of the highest heaven

...And in the Hour of Judgement...
...We shall reap the heart...
...Of a so-called Creator...
...With pure fucking Blasphemous Metal!

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