Pseudomonarchia daemonum

Behold! the plains of hades
And all the noble dreams which have fallen here..."

Lucifer once fell here
Mixed with heavens´ sand
Like a burning cometh
To this valley promised to the damned
Step into this darkness
Through the gloomy gates of calmaveth
Where fire and sulphur reigned
The tartarian everbreath

So much has changed
Now witness it all

Abandon all hope ye who wish to enter

The river of acheron
Boarders this forsaken land
Where captive angels lay
In thousands tortured by my hand
I search for the darkest one
(of whom) christ in fear talked
In this most sinister hell
Where dante once walked

Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni

Oh how great thou art, thee brightest of all lights, yet
Broken and fallen, heavens´ pride in darkness
Once most noble archangel, a guardian of tyranny, now
Most fearsome evil, a monarch in demoncracy
Thy throne is in pandaemonium, lilith sits by your side
The only king of sheol, holding the keys to elysium

Oh, promised elysium...
How have i craved to hear your notes!

And to see your moongardens like groves of paradise
And achilles, iason and all heroes who dwell here
And hesperidian nymphs laying sodomized in drunken splendour
For reaching thy shores was the dream of my life!

I´d die just to get to this land
This eden fallen so deep
Where sin and pleasure walk hand in hand
And all the innocence weeps

Oh persephone, aecus, minos, rhadamantus!
I wish to dine in thy palace of infinite wealth!

Lightbearer emperor!
This is the realm in which ye rule, oh greatest of all
The one worshipped by lesser gods, nine orders of fallen thrones
Thou art the immortal fire and the light of illumination!

Thy unspeakable presence was cast down to the earth
Yet thy soul remained noble and virtuous
Now spread your once broken wings
The time has come to conquer the earth, antagonist-god! thee do i honor and exalt above all...

The garden of ashes and dust

„wake up from your dreams, bornless one
And let me carry you to the realms of dust

This is where life begins
Unbaptized and so pure
And so many live in vain
This is where tales start
And turn into tragedy
A vast gallery of pain"

Lost son of perfection
From the unclean womb of a whore
Be born into this land
Where slaves serve and demigods walk
The left-hand path to apotheosis

Behold the thousand-headed
You´re not of him...
Arise in clarity:
From the hands of mortality
Ascend beyond eternal divinity"

I´d live just to conquer this land
This garden ruled by fear
Where cowards and fools die hand in hand
And the path to apotheosis is so near

The hour of our redemption has come to pass
And the one failure shall be redeemed with the blood of the angels
And now throw the lifting veil of damnation
Watch the shine of our upcoming victory!

„and thus shall come the great battle of a thousand millenia
The hour of satan´s return and revenge, the great cataclysm
When the hordes of hell shall storm heaven and tremble the earth
And the morning star will claim the throne, rightfully his..."

What a pleasure for my gluttonous eyes
Is to see the aquinas bleed
And the fall of augustine´s shameful lies
On which now the vermin feeds

Watch the golden halls painted with blood
As virtues and thrones burn
And empyreum drowning in floods
Of tears from the great ones´ return

Pád nebeského kráľovstva

Pamätaj navždy so cťou
Jak svit zažiaril nad escatonom...

Keď nebesia pili zúfalstvo
A všetká ich nádej sa zatemnila
Keď slávili sme víťazstvo
A najvyššia idea sa roztopila

„hľa, žiara edenu hasne
Sťa znásilnená beatrice krváca
A labute v drápoch anjelov
Sláviacich keď nebo konečne rúca sa"

Hľaď jak ovce sú trhané
Vlkmi čo späť sem sa vyškriabali
A svätá trojica horí
Ohňom čo na ruinách dobra sme zažali

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