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Nina Hagen

Speak loudly of the holy Lord of Haidakhan.
Tell of God, the personification of Truth, Consciousness andBliss.
Proclaim holy Lord Shiva with the Goddess Mother,
The Sustainer, Inspirer, and World Master.

Hail, hail to Lord Haidakhan,
Who incarnated for the liberation of the world.

Thou alone art my true divine Master,
Shiva invisible, unperceivable, highest God.

Your heart is very full of mercy,
One who surrenders to you is immediately liberated.

What pain in the world cannot be removed,
Instantly by your grace, O king of sages?

You always speak words which remove our fear.
Baba fulfills all desires.

O Lord, you are the source of auspiciousness, the remover ofevil.
I sacrifice everything at your lotus feet.

Great Sage, you speak very sweetly, extremely benevolently;
Your sentences are the essence of knowledge.

The true eternal religion, full of generosity,
Tells of knowledge combined with holy work.

Each one's own duty is good for him,
Jealousy and hatred are not.

Truth, simplicity and love, brother,
This duty alone brings man happiness.

Meditate on the Lord's name, brother, to purify the heart.
Find the Lord sitting in your heart.

Holy Shiva is residing in your heart.
Find him there, leave ignorance and disappointment behind.

The great saint, an ocean of all qualities,
Whose beginning and end nobody knows.

Haidakhan is a wonderful place
Very holy giving joy and solace.

The roar of the Gautama Ganga is heard day and night;
Siddhas, gods and demons worship there every day.

Holy mount Kailash, so beautiful,
Looking at it, the mind yearns for it.

Under that mountain is a beautiful cave;
That great cave is described in the Vedas.

The wild animals wandering in the dense forest,
They forget all enmity among themselves.

Since the Lord started living here,
The "Garden of the Heaven's" beauty faded in comparison.

All glory to this holy place is ours,
Which Shiva enjoys as his living place.

Thy merciful look gives love of Thy holy feet.
By no other method can one get a pure mind.

Now Lord, show me grace in this way,
Let me renounce all and do meditation day and night.

Praise to Amba, mother of the universe.
All forms are one, Thou, mother goddess Amba.

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