isn't it nice to live in the new nation?
where ignorance is strength, power and wealth mean all?
so lets all join hands and sing songs of a new nation…
I wake up in the morning with a thought in my mind: That I gotta face another day of these kind of people who act, think and feel that freedoms not a right, it's not a big deal. Well I'll tell you what- I'll tell you this- It's time to fight back and with our fists! We need it back, it needs to stay. I know some time we'll see the day.

We lost our freedom a long time ago. When we let these people choose our rights. Come join and help us sing the song of truth. Fight the power today!

...Bring back our freedom to stay!

Every single day it's the same old news, they take from us our right to choose. They take from us our right to deal, think and act, and the way we feel. What the hell was wrong with us when we let these people rule and we gave them our trust?

All they've done is let us down. They're all a bunch of liars and the taxes just get higher.

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