What all began on that cold october night. Nothing could prepare me for what I realized. Without warning, it was the unexpected- could it be fate or just plain luck? My blurry vision became so clear. A door was opened to a whole new world.

I took her hand, we sang and danced; shared a smile, I would have never guessed. I thought I knew but I was wrong about…
Who you are.

You shed some light on that shadow I call me life. I want to thank you, but don't know how. What's wrong with me; I just can't quite figure it out. I got your number, I'll give you a call.

Try to talk to you, but you seem a million miles away. How do I explain that this is more than some stupid crush? I see it in you, it shines so bright, the same thought keeps crossing my mind: you're so cool, you're so cool, you're the fucking best!
The clock is ticking, time is running out. Have to find the answer, got to beat the bell. It's not what I want to say but a matter of how…
it's who you are.
Just like every time before, it blew up in my face. But this time there was more at stake.
I could be everything to you…
I could be everything and more.

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