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She had to walk with a silicon cock sticking in her ass and onein her cunt
A butterfly vibrator strapped tight to her clit
But who's got the remote control?

That would belong to Louise
She got a new pet a vaginal tease
Mommy's litte girl aint gonna do what she please
If she don't wanna get a spankin'

She likes to speak like a six year old brat
Mommy discipline me, you know I've been bad
Start witht a cat and she'll move to a crop
Neither on is wiling to stop

She knows that girls just wanna have fun
With four piercings on each side of her labia
A little luggage lock connecting each one
Prevents her girl from going astray

Slut you think you've seen your master mean
You better lick my puss and asshole clean
Treat my clit like bubble gum
Bitch make me cum

It's time for bed she'll secure her head
Between her thighs for a thorough nights suck
Along with this she'll be drinking her piss
So Louise don't have to get up

Two goddesses in love
One resides below one reigns from above
One adorns cuffs while one covets keys
The purgatorial touch of Louise

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