I'm So Sorry Tony


I've never known a better writer or a better guy
His songs wouldn't just touch you, they would punch you in the eye
It doesn't happen a lot when everybody has the same thought: He wasn't supposed to die
So let's clank our beers and give three cheers for Tony Sly

I never heard a bad word about him, I never heard a bad melody
His dying isn't tragic, it's a fucking catastrophe
I've lost my parents and so many friends, I chalk it c'est la vie
It's nothing like losing my friend Tony

Sometimes on weekends, when our kids hang out together
Kiera tells Darla that her dad's songs are better
And I think she's sad, cause tomorrow she hopes her dad
Will be coming home, cause he told her that 3 years ago on the phone

Tony, you make me see myself in a way I don't wanna see
Do I have to stop living so recklessly
So I can be the father I know I can be?

All the endless nights we had, the 20 years of laughs
I've looked, but I can't find any photographs
Of us, because it's weird to take photos with your best friends
Cause you don't think that you'll never see them again

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you when you needed me in the end
I was there to give your eulogy, but not when you needed a friend
And when they lowered your body into the ground even the piper began to cry
From coast to coast, let's raise our drinks and give a toast to Tony Sly

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