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There's No Too Soon If Time Is Relative


I don't feel like movin'
Don't feel like talkin'
I'm feelin' a little Stephen Hawking today

I barely feel like rollin'
There's no way I'm rockin'
I'm feelin' a little Stephen Hawking, hey hey hey

When I saw him on TV
I thought he looked crazy
Then my friend told me that he's just really lazy
So lazy he could only write A Brief History of Time
He maybe smart but to me he's just a creepy narcoleptic mime

I wanna be like Stephen
So I'm gonna walk uneven
And havin' trouble breathin'
Hey, hey, hey

I'm gonna live by gravitational law
I'm gonna try to drink a cheeseburger through a straw
And make my hand look more like a lobster claw
Hey, hey, hey

But bein' Stephen must be kind of a drag
It looks like even his teeth are startin' to sag
I thought he had a tail and he [?]
But then I learned the tail was a tube
'Cause he's so lazy that he poops in a colostomy bag

Oh Stephen, oh Stephen
You give me somethin' to believe in
Don't wanna hear 'em, don't wanna see 'em
I think he might have melted in a wax museum

Oh Stephen, oh Stephen
Are you robot posin' as a human bein'?
Oh Stephen, oh Stephen
You give us all a super creepy feelin'

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