Born to premeditated harm
Her infant limbs, ripped from her mothers arms
Born to premeditated harm

She never wanted this
She never wanted to live like this
No honour

They raise her to her feet
Pure as the lotus leaves
Blossoming from this
From this disfigured earth
Yet so colourless

Just don't be afraid, just don't be afraid
She watches over you
Grieving with your pain

They should be afraid, they should be afraid
Bow down or no neck remains un-cleaved
Flowing like a stream with unrestrained fluidity
To rid the world of this disease

Silently existing immersed in green
Her heart still pure as the lotus leaves
Her heart still pure as the lotus leaves

Stalking in the confines of the night
With a thirst to massacre her fucked up mind

She rises to her feet
Her heart empty of grief
Something sharper
No mercy, no neck remains un-cleaved

As she watches the kingdom burn redder than the Autumn leaves
No mercy, no neck remains un-cleaved

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Composição: Oceans Ate Alaska · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Paulo, Traduzida por Peeh
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