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Everything... Reminds me of you.
So much so, that there's nothing I can do
To escape, but shout your name.
These echoes are the only thing that
Keep me sane (that keep me sane).
And I'm trying my hardest to forget.
Not to let your face, mirage inside my head

These smiles come few and far between... These days
I can overcome this, but the numbness, I've endured for so long.
It's hard to break the mould.
I can barely keep my head above
The waves; but this hurt, it never fades

It never fades!
I've endured this - for so long.
This pain - never fades
A kaleidoscope of emotions
That changes with the wind
When will I be free again?
This pain it never fades
What more do you ask of me?
I bear the scars and a broken heart
On my sleeve, that's so heavy I cannot breathe.
So I beg you and I plea.
Just let me go, just set me free - because the pain it never fades.