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Necrophilia With The Nazarene´s Bitches


Silence and Darkness prevail
Exu das 7 Campas is present in the ritual
The purple candles and the corpses of the nuns
Are present in the funeral room
The necrophilia beginnings
The corpses of virgin Christians
Are fucked by razors and daggers
Moans of agony are listened from beyond
They're the souls of sacred bitches
Whispering while they're fucked
By the crucified Nazarene
Introduced and suffocated in the ass and pussy
From the rotten corpses
From his servants who are not pure nuns
After the necrophilia the corpses of bitches
Are devastated and put back to their coffins
That were thrown against the whore house's gates
The sacred convent, where the nuns left out
Intact and came back fucked by the own
Bastard Nazarene!

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