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Burning The Pearl Gates


Souls are throwed to the flames of hell
Angels are violated, beheaded and impaled
Before the face of the impotent nazarene,
Tortured and violated by the tridents of
Exu 7 Infernos

Moans of pleasure are listened
It´s the whore virgin mary
Being penetrated by the ass
By the demoniac legions

Guided by the Exu Rei das Trevas

Torrents of fire are vomited
By Exu Baba Fogo
Before the Pearl Gates
That´s melting
...... and turning to dust…

Sulphur is spreaded
Through all sacred altars
The sacred bible has been destroyed
Page by page
What has left was used to clean the sperm
Deposited into the ass of jehovah and
Whore virgin mary

Profanation, blasphemy
Hail the demoniac legions of hell !

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