Horror will conceal disgust
In impassable haze.
Motionless like figurines
They will curdle without movement.
Bravery will fall apart,
Conveying the silent fear,
Coiling like a serpentine.

And now you must confess, bitches.
Absorbed by agony.

Thousands of prayers
Can not save you from the arrival.
Pray for condescendsion,
Human honour now rots away.

And now you must confess,
Embraced by agony.

They will raise and bless the new empire,
Bringing you apostasy and chaos.
Chasm and terror will ascend the throne,
Burning your faith, burning you down.

Conducting horror through the tormented bodies,
Deaf to your cries, breeding distress and pain.

No escape. no remorse. no mercy.

Now sleep like a new-born child.
This day has become endless night.

It cleans you out of sins.
Blessed by fire but drown in a thousand lies.
Soon deceivers at last will shed their skin,
Trapped on the agonizing earth.

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