Time has come,
They all sleep with city lights.
Time has come,
Set on fire fucking wick.
Incinerate all your fucking fears.
This damnation brings neverending night.

Your past was lost inside your mind,
And you were trying to deny,
But now this all alive again
And all the traitors now forlorn
Without any chances to stay alive.

Dry your eyes! dry your eyes!
This creatures have nothing human.
Make them bleed! make them bleed!!

Today all the reasons
Are buried alive.
Eclipse for the traitors -
The final divide.

Disgraced and ashamed,
Disfigured by lies.
Disgraced and ashamed,
Disfigured by lies. (x2)

Church of lies will crumble
In the night when everyone dies. (x2)

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