Your Picture
Was in the News
A Piece of Paper My Friends
May Have Burned But It Refused

And Though You
Wore a Smile
The Muscles That You Flex Too Much
Look Tired After a While
And You Always Forced Your Style

I Wrote You
Love Notes
I Pulled You From Fights
I Even Dug Moats
So I Could Swim At Night
To My Homerun Hilary

I've Only Just Begun
To Live Again and Be My Own Best Friend
And Now Yo've Come

A Vampire
Must Be Fed
But Oh, Oh I'm Unwilling to Be Bled

It Took a Fast Pitch
On the Inside
And Like a White Whitch
On a Mercy Ride
It's My Homerun Hilary

My Homerun Hilary

Reach For the Sky Homerun Hilary

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