I Got a Letter Today
An Invitation
And the Writing Looked Like You
Hello How Are You
And By the Way,
Please Rsvp I Do
I Thought of Writing Sad Words
Of How It Used to Be
But I Didn't Want to Bring You Down
I Guess the Bells Ring Pretty Well
There Without Me
Don't Worry About Me Baby
I'd Wear the Thorny Crown
I Would Play the Clown
If You Think That I Don't Love You
You're Just Wrong
That Don't Matter Now Anyway
I Couldn't Bear to See You Up There
With a White Dress On
Here's My Vow to You
I'll Stay Away
I Remember When
In a Lover's Whisper You Said
No Other Man
Would Ever Share Your Bed
Well We Both Know
That's Not Been So
I Wish I Never Let You Go
Now, You Found a Better Man Instead
I Wish You Health and Wealth
And a White House On a Hill
And I, I Hope You Raise a Family
Little Boy and a Little Girl
A Little More Joy in This Little Old World
Well That Would Be Enough For Me
Time Rolls On
And Dreams They Die
And I've Thrown Out
The Pictures I Had of You and I
And If You're Ever Wondering If
Love Can Be True
Well, Think of Me Remember Darling
Like I Like I Do
Old Friendships Fade Away, Love Falls Apart
And You've Not Spent a Single Day Outside My Heart
And There's Just One More Dream That I Have Left For You
I Hope You're Smiling When He Turns Around and Says I Do
I Do
I Do

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