Spoken:huh there's 2 things you dont fuck wit
a girl's dough and her heart
so I'm here to let ya'll niggas know fa sho

Verse 1:Gave you my money let you push my Benz
Up in my 600 chillin wit yo friends
Boy I gave you everything you need yes I was.
Silly Bitch in love ohh
All of my girls say "he's playin you"
But I said " mind yo business cuz that aint true"
Boy you had me twisted and all confused no more am I
Silly Bitch in love ohh

I was so silly
I was wide open
Lost in love
Silly bitch in love ohhh

Verse 2:You had a dime but you cashed it in
I let you play me agin and again
How many night's must I caress myself yes I was.......
Silly bitch in love ohh
Do you remember all the time you spent
I dont like just lovin comin home and bed
I still gave you my lips my hips all of my chips I guess I was
Silly bitch in love ohhh
Had you drinkin do jay and a iced out rolley
Foolish enough to beleive anything you told me
Silly bitch in love ohh

You had other bitches in my car
Go 'head keep the roly and the benze
And you had other bitches wearin my bra
I aint mad , I aint mad
Nigga you aint know u was fuckin wit a star
I aint mad, I ain't mad
Aint now bitch aint puttin up wit that silly shit nigga you outthe door

Chorus (fade out)

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