I don't wanna play ith your feelings girl,
gotta be honest with you,
i been lieing to you,
i've already gotta a girl
and im suprised all this time you couldn't tell
thats why ma fone is alwayz off
and you gettin the voice mail,
i don't wanna lose you at all
but i love you boo
and whats funny is i think i love you the most
im so into you, something bout you, i'm feeling like i'm nothing without you

Im so into you baby
its so hit like sugar

You Right
I Know Man
Yo..I can see us settleing down and you having ma baby boy
But i can't leave her she got ma baby boy
but deep down still i wanna be your baby boy
man i feel like Joey in Baby Boy,
you don't realise that hurt you and im ashamed off it
got a tattoo on ya breasts with ma name on it
girlfriend i'm so selfish its true
I want ma ???????? but i need it too

Im so into you baby
its so hit like sugar

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