[verse 1]
It's all about the things you do
It's so crazy how I'm hooked on you
Deep inside me I'm burning up
From your touch I can't get enough
Everytime I start to feel like I don't need your love
My mind just gets me going and I fiend your love
O'Ding over you but still I'm re'ing up
I'm down to ride baby cuz you know what's up

Anything you want me to do, it's alright
I'mma keep it gully for you, it's alright
You're the only one that is true and that's right
Baby let's ride
Oh, it's alright
All, your love keeps me like all
You complete me like all
I'm gonna give you my all, all, all all

[Verse 2]
No matter who's contestant
It's just the bomb that's being tested
I pay no mind or interest in it
It's just like gold and we invest in it
Nothing could compare
To the feelings that we share
Ultimately you, ultimately true
There ain't a thing
That be ability that make me change
The way I feel, baby
Cuz your all I need in this world (yeah)
And I
Want everyone to see
The love I have in me
Because of you


Baby if you hear me
Tthis feeling
Is always near me
It feels me
And I (can't hide it baby)
Oh I (can't fight it baby)
It's all I ever wanted for my love

[Chorus till end]

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