Journey of a thousand years
Passage lies behind a mystic portal
Travel through the seven gates
Unattained by a man mere mortal
Tribulation rages in my head
As I search for sanctuary
Past the point of no return
Mother mary have mercy on me

Angels dare not rescue me
As I plead for purgatory
In the distance hear the screams
The evil lord has summoned for me
There are no trespassers here
Granted entrance for a reason
Answers are no mystery
A price to pay for the treason

Oh my soul is burning
A wheel that's never turning
A prisoner here forever
Now hope has turned to never
Bound by chains eternal
In depths of the eternal
Torment is endless for me
All I know is pain and misery

Burnin' in flames of a 1000 year reign
Burnin' in flames of a 1000 year reign
A 1000 - year reign
A 1000 - year reign

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