Foto do artista Omen

Cahos In The Cathedral


There's chaos in the cathedral
They tread on holy ground
On blackest wings of pure evil
To burn the synagogue down
There's chaos in the cathedral
The demons rise to the feast
To slay the saintly and feeble
And spill the blood of the priest

A liar's moon is on the rise
And fearless are the serpent's eyes
Madness rules the prophets wise
The deceivers mask a thin disguise..
.. Sn shrouded lies.. sinister rise
It is eternal prize

Sorceries surge on weak and scarred
Spoken thru the wind from the tarot cards
Endless shadows fall on all sanctity
Another holy war could end eternity..
... Bpocrypha... bloody crimson sea
It is affinity

As the mortal world turns good and evil churn
Inhabitance oblivious the flames of war burn
The plight of every soul is in the hands of fate
Is there salvation for mankind or is it too late?
Until there remains only one
The battle rages on

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