Striking of speed on the wings of revenge
Creating all madness at will
Deceiving dictation pretenders beware
Unleasing the blitzkreig to kill
Burning desire with blood as fuel
Dying you feed the machine
Rising from blindness the lights scan the sky
Defying the darkness i see
Raise the flag of shame
Coward is your name
I have your life held in my hand
Feel the power rise
Lightning cracks the sky
Cut loose the fury take command
Die Die Die
By our Blitzkreig
Die Die Die
It's a lightning war
Die Die Die
By our Blitzkreig
Die Die Die
Riding the past as we march on through time
Inflicting destrution and pain
Deposing destraying exception are none
Send bleeding the weak and insane
Leading them on through the oceans of light
Black is the hatred we found
Awaiting the sign for the hammer to fall
Sent crushing by power and sound
Tighten the grip on the never say die
Precision the way to succeed
Ascending Defending in action again
Emotions is what we perceive
Show no remorse in a crushing defeat
Sweet is a vengeful attack
Life is for living right down to the last
The glory immortal in black

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