At a year's end many will experience a feeling of melancholy
Considering that which will never return
To others it is a moment of anticipation for the possibilities of conquering the new
Others yet will experience a concern facing a change that provides uncertainty
And possible deterioration
All of these emotions are each in their own understandable
Someone said the other day that we reside in the great time of rupture

Prince of lies is on his knees
Holy rites, spreading the disease
By his side a youthful girl
Wedlocked force unfurls
She's young
Far too young

Far too young

Can we dictate a life with dignity?
Foul agenda corrupt in secrecy
Oh no no no no no

One false prayer wielding blasphemy
Price the spirit as a wanted property

Congratulations to the five men of affairs
There was a purpose with this life
Insinuations (that) if she holds anything dear
Then it motivates submission in his lair

He is waiting for darkness
He opens the door
He's slithering

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