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Note to self
Don't be gay in Indiana
Big heads up
That's a really stupid plan

There are places where it's in to be out
Maybe San Francisco or thereabout
But in Indiana without a doubt
If you're not straight
Then guess what's bound to hit the fan?

Just breathe, Emma
Not everyone is that repressed
Just breathe, Emma
It wouldn't be high school without a test

Just close your eyes
And count to ten
Go to your happy place and then
Try not to combust
Just breathe

Hey Emma
Who's this girl you're gonna bring to the prom, anyway?
I didn't know we had more than one lesbo in town

You don't know her
She's new here

Like, an exchange student?


Well then why don't you like, exchange her for a guy?

Dude, nice!

Note to self
People suck in Indiana
Leave today
Pray the greyhound isn't full

Who knew asking out a girl to the prom
Would go over just like an atom bomb
And make things much worse with your dad and mom

And who'd have ever thought
That could be possible?

Just breathe, Emma
Picture a beach with golden sand
Just breathe, Emma
Picture a Xanax in your hand

Try journaling
Or start a blog
Just end this inner monologue

Seethe if you must
But just breathe

Okay, I just got off the phone with the state's attorney
Like I suspected, she thinks this is a civil rights issue
This is a big deal, Emma

Oh, shit

We'll get through it
Take a sec, relax, come in when you're ready

Just breathe, Emma
Remember that thing called oxygen
Just breathe, Emma
Look at the crazy state you're in

Just smile and nod
Although they're jerks
Say namaste and pray it works

And like we've discussed
Just breathe

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