Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of The War

Orphaned Land

The prophet has told us that his truth will set us free
He is the blind messiah who cannot find
His way or see the forest for the trees
Even the one who saw the light could not foresee
Shields held high the armies moved on and on
To the next land that to bloodshed was sworn
Oh father – heed us in the time of great need
Remember our prayers and our virtuous deeds

Make him the prophet, the martyr – pass him the disease
Shut are the eyes of the one bringing us to our knees
The prophet enlightened now covered by night
It serves an example rather blind than having the sight
Let us burn this scapegoat and gather our might
Let this messiah now die, thus ending our plight
Remember the warnings you gave to no end
And the mask that you wore to disguise as a friend

Gone is the savior, no more you pretend
Evening falls upon us and the future is dim
So the only thing that will save us is to kill him!

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