"When she was born, her father made a pact with the devil
Ten years later he died and let his girl astray…
Guess where is she now ?
She's alone in the dark…"

Now here begins this story
About a cruel darkened past
His mother had a disease
But she was unable to react

One day the grandma told the girl
-Honey, my son made an evil pact
Saved me but soon his time will come
And the demon may want him for dead

Evil way
The devil is coming inside

-What's up ? I must live some more
"-But you need to offer a life !"
-Kill me, but let my daughter go
-Oh, dad ! I can't lose you tonight !

-Mom, the demon wants my head
I was careless and promised a life
All written in that bloody pact
…too late to get back in time !

Demon's game
(both) Now he wants to kill everyone
(both) "-Now I want to kill everyone"


Evil way
Demon's game
We're going insane !

My little girl's running upstairs
While I'm hidden, but crying in pain
We're fools 'cause devil lies ahead
And wherever we go it's in vain

Grandma's gone; I'm trembling in fear
But we finally got outside the house
I'm desperate ! He's already here !
And my family now certainly falls…

-Run now, my daughter ! I'll see you anywhere
-Father, I love you ! I can't let you for dead
-No ! Oh, how could I do something like that ?
(both) Don't go, my father ! We'll be happy someday…
(both) Don't go, my daughter ! We'll be happy someday…
"Shall they ?"
(solo: Rodrigo / harmony: Rodrigo / solo: Rodrigo / solo: Luciano)

"The father ? Fulfilling the deal…
Lost the soul and had his fate sealed
The grandma ? She tried to escape…
Stumbled down and smashed her old face
Me ? I'm still chasing…
Innocent souls that please my feelings
The girl ? Just like I'd sworn
She's alone… alone in the dark…"

(solo: Rodrigo / bass solo: Renato)

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