You're not in trance
You just can't do what you want
Dancing the last dance
On the strings that i command

The pleasures of life you didn't taste yet - and never will !
Your flame is fading away
You can not even feel
Just beg for one more day…

And maybe someone will listen to you
But will not be able to grant you
When the blow of life cease
Let it become your release

Live each day like it was the last
Anyway you'll be sure that you did your best
In the next time, try to cut off the strings
Fight to make real your deepest dreams

Don't be such a coward
Struggle to survive
But you can't move forward
Realize ! it's the end of your life

Kiss the ground that i tread
Jump only with one foot
Do you wish to be dead ?
Why ? your life is so good ! yeah !

(solo: luciano)

You have to forget, not to forgive
You'll learn about how to live
Against my strings you have no defense
Hey, keep on dancing your fatal dance…

Poor puppet, try to get rid of me
There's no way out to be free
Pray for your gods of deliverance
As you allow me your last dance…

(solo: rodrigo)

Your hope's unseen
Do just one thing: scream !

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