In a darker age when most of the world
Seemed all man's stage.
To meet the grade was must to perform
For one to conform.
At a hero's standards they would all be gauged
With wild beasts not yet caged.
Man's underlying theme still raged.

And the thought of couthe remained aloof,
For still no standard proof for truth.
As the past would fade so the future be made,
Time to bend my friend 'round the bend -
All may end.
Then the cause that our kind sought to find
Fails the grade, through the roads that our
Fore-fathers showed lit the way.

It was shunned the wise would day,
For each dog wants his day.
Though time moves, now more to choose,
There's also more to lose.
The shadowed noose won't cut you loose
If no one sees the soul's abuse.
We've slipped before, sure will some more,
But try to feel our crumbling floor.

We must not delay
From what's at hand today.
'Cause if we still, to our dismay,
The dark knight might take light from stay.

Now hear the steed, it's him indeed,
So now man's cries are all in need.
But wait too long there'll come death's song,
Look forth - move on, don't stop to plead.
You seek, you'll find, but don't be blind
To what I'm trying to say.
For come what may we all still stray
Then dark knight's fire light may tell any further day.

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