I believe there is nothing that can save this world we’re in
Still we proceed, but won’t succeed
When trying to alleviate our sins, we must concede

And realize that’s the way it is and so shall stay
Until we close our eyes and end our days
What did the maker have in mind when hand held clay?
And did he know we’d throw it all away?

Who are we and do we know just where our purpose lies?
Our eyes are blind
By his design temptation takes a hold of weaker minds
Damned for all time

We compromise our values for a momentary gain
To compensate for our internal pain
What do we need to do to reach a higher plane?
Or are we doomed to live a life insane?

When will it end?
When will we see the error of our ways?
Will we descend when we reach the end of days?

So far away, from where subconscious minds would choose to be
Why can’t we see?
All we fear, in our own image in another’s eyes
The mirror lies

This soul has died, a sacrificial rite to be reborn
Upon this sight the lesser blessed will mourn
But they are blind to the ones whose hearts are torn
The sinner’s deeds will bear the makers scorn

Free my soul
Take the pain
Release me from these chains so I can live again

Hear the call
He awaits
I see the fallen one beyond infernal gates

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