His lullaby, the waves outside his window
His father and himself made a wonderful pair
Five hundred years of fishing in his family
Still the government wouldn't listen when he said
"trouble down there"
It ain't funny- it ain't funny no more

Fat cat smirking in the land of plenty
Making jokes about a people from a gentler time
Sanctioned and applauded the whole gang rape of the
But like any rape they blame the victim for the crime
It ain't funny it ain't funny no more

Now the Newfs are becoming a strain on the Ottawa
There's no need to be nice- what's left is up for
And the best small boatsmen in the world are on the
Stupid and lazy according to the Globe and Mail

It ain't funny
Nobody's laughing now
It ain't funny
Something has changed somehow
It ain't funny, it ain't funny no more

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