Said the lord to his lady, "I am going away
Beware of Bold Lamkin, he will lead you astray"
"I don't care 'bout Lamkin, nor no other man
For my doors are fast bolted, and he cannot come in"

O the Lamkin came there 'bout the middle of the night
He called on his jewel, his own heart's delight
"O where is your mistress, the Lamkin he did cry
She's in the top tower," the false nurse replied

Says the Lamkin to the false nurse, "How will I get
her down"
Says the false nurse to the Lamkin "Hit the baby on
the crown"
"I can't quiet your baby with breast milk nor pap
So I pray you fair lady, come and daddle it on your

As the lady was coming down, not thinking no harm
The Lamkin betrayed her, caught her by the arm
"I got you, I got you, the Lamkin he did cry"
"And it's more to my sorrow" the poor lady replied

"Come here, Daughter Betsy, those words I will speak
Hold the silver basin, your heart's blood I'll take"
"O no, Daughter Betsy, I pray stay alone,
Try for to see your dear father come home"

As Betsy was gazing the window so high
She saw her dear father a riding close by
"O Father, o Father, I pray don't blame me
'Twas the false nurse and the Lamkin betray your

There was blood in the kitchen; there was blood in the
There was blood in the cradle; it was the worst of
Bold Lamkin was hung on the gallows so high
And the false nurse was burned on the mountain nearby

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