Cheap talk to leach onto a name
Cheap shot their way to easy fame
Clowns with their games for hype
Spotlight seeking parasites
All the weakness sickens me
As the substance fades away
Tiny tyrants and the washout rate
Sick of all the useless fakes
This is not for pride or gain
It's our culture that you profane

Noise and fury hollow shells
Draining to an empty well
Leaching from the lifesblood that creates
The struggle's no concern to the ones who take
Tantrums sound and fashion trends
Only cool when they need something from your friends
Surface level rebellion
When the message drains it's all doused and done.

Fairness, dedication, loyalty, compassion, commitment, ferocity
After all this time it still means the same thing to me
Still at full strength inside my heart

What we fought for unified, it's too precious to let it die
Turn a spark into a blaze to guide the lost out of the dark
Harsh to keep it vital, not to belittle or exclude
Years go by still true
The hardcore they can't dilute
At full strength
Still at full strength inside my heart

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Composição: Karl Buechner / Path of Resistance · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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