Here we are assembled in glory and in faith
Screaming private prayers in a public place
Expose the causes, extract corruption, proclaim the antidote
Track down the demons in your mind and cut the bastards' throats
To eradicate, defend, liberate and to ascend
This is our mission
Denying temptation, uplifting fallen brethren
This is our mission.

Disprove we're mere monsters of genetics and society
Freewill is ours to claim, accept the responsibility
Deny this popular culture of death, refuse to consent defeat
The truth is on our side, a mission to complete

Time is short, stay the course.

To educate, defend, liberate and to ascend
This is our mission
It's not just a diet or the things you consume,
It's a reconstruction of attitude
This is our mission.

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Composição: DJ Rose / Path of Resistance · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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