We never know what’s gonna make us
Into the people that we are
Can’t tell the toll that it will take on us
Until the wounds have turned to scars
We never know what’s gonna break us
When will it finally go too far?

Now would you be kind to me
If you knew my memories?
They helped you understand
Why this means everything
Why it’s so hard and why I am the way I am

‘Cause there’s a chance, there’s a shot
It may be small, but it’s all I got
I know it’s hard now to see, but you have to believe
That there is hope to be healed, to be whole
To be finally free. So don’t give up on me
Please, please, don’t give up on me

Now I am aware of where I’m broken
And I can see it breaks us down
I’m overcome with my emotions
I can’t lift my heart up off the ground

And so you trigger me
The bullets of memories
They pierce me once again
But I don’t want to be wounded forever
I just want to understand

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