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An Pierlé

Hey little girl
I'm the voice in your head,
I'm the portrait that hangs
on the wall,
I'm the treasure inside

Down the alley she goes

Hush and don't tell any-
One for the road
Take a biscuit and listen politely
to what I'm about to tell

Down the alley she goes
(She sings)

Go precious queen
you mean everything to Mum & Dad
They'll be sad when you're gone
but your target is

Down the alley she goes

Look at the stairs and
whatever they mean,
It's a frightening thing to look up to
but it is your task

In the alley!

And then she walks
on the telephone wire
To have a little chat with god

So far so good, I am your friend,
and if you get scared, just sing. Lala
One cannot make omelets
without breaking eggs
And the aimless are useless
so go on and
Fight for your dreams

In the alley!

Hey little girl
are the voices still there?
Do you hear them from
The set up was mean,
filial piety in the alley,
She falls
Her final way to heaven

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