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No Changin' Us

Point Of Grace

The old homestead where your mama was raised is gone
Those hills we all remember as mountains don't seem so tall
Anything that doesn't move is covered with vines and rust
But oh, there's no Changin' us

There's a lot more city than country now in my hometown
And the black and white of what's wrong and right has been watered down
That road was gravel now it's blacktop
But oh, there's no Changin' us

'Cause I still love you the way I did back then
And you love me the same way you did when
We said we would and you know we did
'Cause we always have and we always will
They say that everything changes and it does
But oh, there's no changin' us

One day the lines on my face will reveal my age
And this story we're writing will come to the very last page
You know the hungry hands of time won't ever get enough
But oh, there's no changin' us

Oh, there's no changin' us

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