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I've Got A Secret


(mrs. ketchum)
I can never tell him
What happened long ago
The truth about my past
Is something he should never know

I can never tell him
My feelings deep inside
The truth within my heart
Is something i must always hide

(mrs. ketchum)
His whole life lies ahead
So much training to be done
And as his mother, i'll protect the future for my son

His love is overwhelming
In its light i'd like to be
But he shares it all with pokemon
There's just no room for me

(misty & mrs. ketchum)
I've got a secret that tears up my soul
And keeping it hidden has taken its toll
I can't tell the truth cause he might turn away
So i'll keep this secret it's better that way

Each end's a new beginning
Each darkness has its dawn
My tears can't fall forever
So now i must move on
My hopes are still the same for the man i'd like to be
And i will make those dreams come true
Just you wait and see

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
I've got a secret

There's no turning back

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
That tears up my soul

There's no giving up

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
Keeping it hidden

Life still goes on

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
Has taken its toll

No matter how tough

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
I can't tell the truth

I'm gonna miss you

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
Cause he might turn away

More and more each day

(mrs. ketchum & misty)
So i'll keep this secret

But i'll keep on going

(mrs. ketchum, misty & ash)
It's better that way...

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