Horns of fire in the winter sky
Dominate the night
Cursed red eye of aldeberon
Fills your soul with fright
See him charging in a sea of lights
To face his foe
Orions jealousy will be his end
As he strikes his blow

Europa is mine, no one will protest
Orion will die, iris efforts a jest
Victory mine, conquest in full
In jupiter's shrine
I'm taurus the bull

The pleiades guide him with their sacred light
To crete he goes
To take his lover to his radiant home
His true self to show
Yet as he swims through the rageing sea
Orion blocks his way
With club, sword and bow he takes on the bull
Yet he will rue the day

I have many names and stories to tell
This is but one
Some call me taurus
Some the cretian bull
The minotaurs my sons
Yet there is one thing to be sure
One fact to know
If you cross me you will meet your end
As orion will show
I'm taurus the bull, I'm taurus the bull, the bull!!

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