I have come here today, to make my mark on history
From owari here to wage war
This man will fall at my hands today
The power of the demons now at my side
God of war hear my cry
Bring his death from my sword
Before tomorrow's sunrise

The time will come. Know me as the demon
That has stayed your clan
I will not give up, you arc foolish to fight me
With such a pitiful force

My army is much larger than yours
How can you plan to beat me
You are nothing more than a peasant
In time you will see

Spread our army to the left and the right
Defend the forts do not let them through
They are larger in number, and we are but few
We have the might of the tiger
Our time will come soon
This battle we cannot lose
The future of our land now depends on you

With the power of the two clans
Na one can fathom the power in my hands
We'll march to kyoto to aid the shogun
Be is the rightful ruler

I am performing the dance of war
It will assure me victory
The gods will hear me as I pray
The clouds have answered me today
Thunder and lightning are my beckon, call
Gods and demons
Hew me now all

Now the time has come to strike
The rain will aid me in the fight
Lightning striking in the air
Thunder crashing everywhere

My forces have taken one of your fortresses
And you cannot resist
Your advisors have failed you now
You should bow before me while
You still have the chance

The rain is coming down in sheets
They've chosen a poor place to camp
The canyon is narrow they have no escape
Now is the time we must attack
Trusted men by my side
And with gifts of gods and demons
Now come to the stage I cannot be stopped

What has happened to my army, they are fleeing now
My men are drunk and I have no control

I can see you now, I have you in my sights
You cannot escape
You will taste my blade tonight and never rule again
For I have the power off the gods and demons
And shall unify the land

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