Folk hero leader from one warring faction
Peaceful existence will justify action
Climbing the ladder with assassinations
Military coup for the rule of the nations

Tasting the freedom to do as he pleases
The more people struggle, the tighter he squeazes
Generals and ministers do as he tells them
His whole creed of ethics turns Machiavellian

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely


Despot dictator delusions of grandeur
His role is the God-man, the judge and jurors
Violence and treachery character defects
Sadistic perversion unleashed on his subjects

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely


More force is needed to keep things in order
Generals are plotting his imminent murder
The walls of his fortress are now walls of iron
His immortal empire collapses upon him

Power, Absolute Power
Corrupts absolutely
(Repeat 2X)

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