Test the Steel (Powermad)


Blazing to our destiny
The path is long and tough
Wreckage burns on either side
For some it's been too rough
We've seen the vicious battle rage
We've come too far to quit
Forward is our only hope
We'll burn up if we sit

Heard the tales of men who dared
To cross the line of fate
Very few get though intact
We can't just sit and wait
The time has come to test the steel
We've forged in blood and sweat
Pounding speed we make our run
To take all we can get

We've come with one thought in our mind
Heard the warning, seen the sign
Forfeit everything you've had and
Join us cuz you're Powermad!


(Repeat first verse)
(Repeat Chorus)

We stand before the maniacs
Their thoughts consumed by our attacks
Can't you see the best you've had
Have all been crushed, you're Powermad!

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