This is the way that things have to be did
You think all the things you did wouldn't get back
To me stuck in the middle of every little riddle
You're chillin' on the border of a bi-polar disorder
I guess you really did trip when you fell on his dick
That's the flame before the fire you lit the wick
I thought you were different but you're just another trick
With a crooked-ass smile and a wicked-ass lip
What'd ya think my heart don't sink my drink's half-full
I could leave with a wink you think i'm made of stone
That the only time i ever speak my mind's
When i'm clutchin' a microphone you were my own addiction
And i can hardly breathe i left myself wide open
I let you get to me again & again so you just threw
It all away was it something i said or something
I forgot to say you think you're hot but
I'm the one that got away you'll live with that
Until the day you rot away yet still
I will feel the ill leer of lost love
The mighty sword you stuck still cuts
And my heart is still sewn shut i wish i didn't know love
I wish the pain was enough i'm alone cut to the bone
Hopin' for you're vocal tone when i pick up the phone the
Caller id reads caller unknown my life now the reflection of
The hurt that i own i was so naïve to let you get to me i can
Hardly breathe with you so close to me you threw
It all away i'll always love you

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