Jesus I need you
I know that I do
I can’t even deny it
I say that I don’t
I can do this alone
But you know that I’m lying
I’m down on my knees and I’m crying
You the only one I rely on
On hills I will praise
And the valleys is the place where I got my eyes on you
And everything you got me through
Ain’t nothing you can’t do

I know that’s true
Cuz you saved a wretch like me
You the only sovereign king
I’m unworthy
I am so hostile
But you call me yo child
I don’t why
But I know you supply
Everything that I need and more and that’s why
I sing

Wherever you call me is where I will go
God I trust in your plan
Sometimes it hard
I am humbled at the fact I’m only a man
I’m learning to have faith
And learning to not lean on what I understand
But trust in you God
Trust in the fact that you are the Great I Am

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