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I'm in the mountains
They're so beautiful and crystal clear
They scrape the clouds with their top
(and fuck California)

The air's so clear
I drink it in it makes me drunk
I fall down and fall asleep
(and fuck San Fransico)

I dream of some little evil land
With twisted little cragily experiences
Down below the Oregon Border
(and fuck San Bernardino)

I'm there in my dreams
I'm there in my nightmares
And I got to sing about it all day long
(and fuck weed)

You've been naked in the sunshine
You've been buried in the sand
You've been living on the fault line
In a chemical plant

I've been pounding up and down I-5
Highways wanader such a blast
If only I could erase L.A.
The trip wouldn'ta went so fast

This city is so beautiful
The clouds come out in the fall
And I love to see them back
(and fuck California!)

Even on a cloudy day
The sun pokes out through at the end of the day
To make a little sunset experience even though you're depressed
(and fuck Santa Cruz)

Ohh I'm in Central Oregon now
Driving my little tin blue can
And I hear green onions sing
(and fuck W????)

Green onions on the little stereo
And I feel like I'm going the right way
Northway North, North, North, North, North!

(Yeah keep goin' north boys!)
(all right!)

Sonic cookie on the outside
Pure frosting all alone
You've been fucking Winona Ryder
And she got crabs on your bone

The only good thing about California
Is the band that I saw
They held there breath to shout out Supernova
They were playing in a shopping mall

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