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I think it's time to fade away
from all the shit inside my head
I go instead, to a beautiful place
you know I'll find it.
I've tried so hard to stay away
far away from all these days
that never change
and with these things that

make me take those pills (oh yea)
amputating my emotions
make me numb so I don't care
keep checking my vitals
still no sign of life in here

let the sedation take the place
of all ambition for myself
there's nothing left
and now and then I'll hide behind it
it's in this place I try to stay
far away my life has changed
and everything is fading into gray


give me room so I can breath
the walls keep closing in I'm feeling
claustrophobic, increase the dosage
so I can feel alive again
don't wanna feel sober, don't wanna feel pain
I really don't wanna feel the emptiness, the stress
and all those things that make me take those pills

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