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No Sleep

Primer 55

Well I'll never, give up again. You know
well I'll never, betray myself again.
I toss and turn because I can't sleep.
Can't concentrate because I can't think.
Well I'll never, let go again. You know
well I'll never, go back again, again.
Another night that I can't sleep,
I block it out of my memories.

falling further down, face first to the ground
chance to keep me sober, get up, get up, get up
take the offer.

Well you'll never, believe in me. You know
well you'll never, look down on me, again.
I'm breaking down my insecurities.
I'm in control of my stability and,
I'll never, look back again and
I'll never, look back again, again.
I'm putting all of this behind me;
I'm in control of my memories.


(b verse)
well now come on, give it up say buck, buck, buck

give it all back to me.

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